Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Neither Type 1 nor Type 2 diabetes can be cured. Patients with Type 2 diabetes can go into a remission, unlike those with Type 1 diabetes. However, plans are undergoing to develop a vaccine that will prevent the body’s immune system from attacking the body cells which produce insulin. There are also plans to create cells solely for the purpose of producing insulin without interference from the body’s immune system.




In Type 1 diabetes, some patients may assume that diabetes has gone away during a period called honeymoon period. This a period when the blood glucose level turns to the normal level after diagnosis and patients find that they need no insulin or need it at little amounts to maintain normal blood glucose level. Note that it will be very wrong for these patients to conclude that they don’t have diabetes and stop taking insulin. This is because the process which does the destruction of the cells which produce insulin will continue, and at some point, this may make patient to totally depend on insulin injections. Patients with Type 1 diabetes are thus advised not to stop taking insulin even during honeymoon period.

Patients with Type 2 diabetes may think that diabetes has gone away if they lose weight after diagnosis. But this does not mean that diabetes has gone. It only means that you have improved on control of your blood sugar. However, maintaining a healthy weight is very important in controlling diabetes.

But the fact is that if blood glucose goes to normal due to having physical activity, weight loss, medication, healthy eating habits and insulin, it only means that their diabetes is managed well. These patients have a lower risk of developing any diabetes complications such as damaging of blood vessels, nerves and other body internal structures. It does not mean that they don’t have diabetes anymore.

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