Diabetes and Alcohol – Can Diabetics Drink Alcohol

People should not quit drinking alcohol because they have diabetes. Diabetics can drink some of alcohol, but they should moderate it. If you are a diabetic and you drink alcohol, the blood-sugar level will rise. Drinking alcohol can interfere with effects of insulin, and mainly the positive effects. So patients on insulin should avoid or moderate their intake of alcohol. This is because alcohol can cause to not function in regulating the level of sugar in the blood, but instead focus on fighting the alcohol from your blood.




Diabetics should eat before they drink. Drinking while hungry will usually result to a high amount of alcohol in the bloodstream, and this dangerous. It is a good idea for diabetics to check their blood glucose level before they drink. They should not drink when this level is low, as alcohol intake results to a condition called hypoglycemia, which is lowering of blood sugar level. Diabetics should also avoid consistent drinking of alcohol, as this can also lead to hypoglycemia.


Diabetics should drink slowly. This is because a high intake of alcohol than how the body metabolizes it results into a high alcohol in the bloodstream. This alcohol will get into the bloodstream without being metabolized in your stomach.


Diabetic women should not take more than 1 drink of alcohol in a day. Diabetic men should not take more than 2 drinks of alcohol in a day.


For diabetics who mix drinks, select drinks which do not have calories. A good example of these drinks is water.

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