Diabetes Symptoms, Signs of Diabetes and Early Signs of Diabetes

Main signs of diabetes are :

– hyperglycemia ;

– glycosuria, polyuria, excessive thirst ( polydipsia ) ;

– Polyphagia – weight loss even the apetit is increased;

– Metabolic disorder of lipids ;




Diabetes is very hard to discover, because symptoms are not so obvious. So we have to measure glucose in blood more often.


These are the more often symptoms of diabetes :

-Frequent urination

-Excessive thirst

-Increased hunger

-Weight loss


-Lack of interest and concentration

-A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet

-Blurred vision

-Frequent infections

-Slow-healing wounds

-Vomiting and stomach pain


So if you show some of these symptoms and signs you should visit a doctor.

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