Diabetes Treatment – Type 1 Diabetes Cure and Type 2 Diabetes Cure

Type 1 diabetes cure involves finding ways to:

• Stop the autoimmune process, where the body cells view the insulin producing cells (beta glands) as harmful and attack them, or protect new beta-cell s from the autoimmune process. Without insulin, blood sugar can raise to dangerous level, and can destroy our body cells.

• Restore the ability of the body to produce insulin on its own.


We can restore cells which produce insulin into the body by either making them from other healthy cells in the pancreas or by making them from other animals and putting them into the body. These cells can also be made in laboratories.

To stop the autoimmune process, there is need to prevent stem cell-derived beta cells from this attack. An implant has already been developed that will help in this, and currently it is undergoing some testing. People with Type 1 diabetes need to inject themselves with insulin on daily basis for the purpose of blood sugar control.

However, these injections do not cure insulin. Insulin injections can lead to serious complications such as loss of limbs and blindness. But with time, insulin will be replaced by pancreatic beta cell. Research is still undergoing, and with time, this will be achieved and it will offer a long-term solution for curing Type 1 diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes cure

Type 2 diabetes occurs when your body does not utilize insulin properly. To cure Type 2 diabetes, patients need to carry out physical exercises, healthy diet and reduce their weight to normal. People who practice the above always end up being safe, and they are cured of Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes should take 3 liters of water on a daily basis, green vegetables with 200 calories along with physical exercises so as to help in managing and curing their condition. Tablets are usually prescribed if the above don’t work, but they don’t cure Type 2 diabetes, they are just for blood sugar control.

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