Diabetic Nerve Pain

The most common complication of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage. Diabetes is not painful disease untill complications set in. Neuropathy can lead to pain in the hands , feet or legs. Diabetic nerve pain is also called painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The most common cause of diabetic nerve pain is poorly controlled blood sugar over time. Diabetic nerve pain can take years to develop. In the early stages, you may have no signs at all, ad then only start to feel a tingling or numbness in your feet.



Symptoms of diabetic nerve pain :

  • -Shooting
  • -Burning
  • -Pins and needles
  • -Numbness
  • -Electric shock- like
  • -Throbbing
  • -Tingling
  • -Stinging
  • -Stabbing
  • -Radiating
  • -Sensitivity to touch


Diabetic nerve pain most commonly occurs when person with diabetes has prolonged spells of high blood sugar levels. It is thoght that high bood glucose affects the nerves by damaging the blood vessels which supply them.

Although damaged nerves can not be replaced , there are ways to prevent further damage and relieve the pain. The first step treatin your pain is controling your blood sugar so the dmage doesn’s progress. Use diet, exercise, and medications to bring yur blod sugar to the necessary range. Keep your weight under control. You may use some pain reliever like aspirin and ibuprofen.

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