Diabetic Recipes and Diabetic Meal Plan

The kind of food you eat affects the amount of cholesterol, and glucose in your body. It determines your body weight. Diabetics should have a meal plan to follow so as to maintain their blood glucose at a healthy level.


The following is a meal plan for diabetics:


1. Avocado dip
2. Spring rolls with shrimp.
3. Chickpea hummus
4. Artichoke dip
5. Potato skins (crisped).
6. Asparagus (pickled).
7. Toasted spices with eggplant.
8. Pineapple (grilled).
9. Kebabs- fresh fruit ones.
10. Provolone with portobello mushrooms (marinated)
11. Hummus.
12. Fresh tomato crostini
13. Ginger-marinated grilled portobello mushrooms
14. Apples


Main meal recipes

1. Beef stew
2. French bread made of pizza tomato, Asparagus and red pepper.
3. Red sauce with macaroni (baked)
4. Baked chicken and wild rice with onion and tarragon
5. Oatmeal (baked).
6. Baked salmon with Southeast Asian marinade.
7. Blueberry French toast (baked).
8. Balsamic roast chicken
9. Barbecue chicken pizza
10. Roasted tomato risotto and barley.
11. Beef and vegetable kebabs
12. Beef fajitas
13. Beef stroganoff
14. Chicken (braised) with pearl onions and mushrooms.
15. Black bean wrap
16. Breakfast burrito
17. Apples with Acorn squash.


Beverage Recipes

1. Cranberry spritzer
2. Green smoothie
3. Latte (iced).
4. Blackberry iced tea with cinnamon and ginger
5. Island chiller
6. Fresh fruit smoothie
7. Hurricane punch
8. Morning mojito
9. Nonalcoholic margarita
10. Orange juice smoothie
11. Sweet ginger tisane
12. Strawberry banana milkshake
13. Orange dream
14. Minty-lime ice tea


Bread recipes

1. Whole-grain pancakes
2. Irish brown bread
3. Apricot biscotti and almond.
4. Apple corn muffins
5. Pumpkin-hazelnut tea cake
6. Best honey whole-wheat bread
7. Cinnamon rolls
8. Rhubarb pecan muffins
9. Whole-wheat soda bread
10. Creamy polenta with roasted red pepper coulis
11. Popovers
12. Buckwheat pancakes
13. Carrot and spice quick bread
14. Muesli breakfast bars
15. Three-grain raspberry muffins
16. Raspberry chocolate scones
17. Whole-grain banana bread
18. Southwestern cornmeal muffins
19. Whole-grain buttermilk biscuits
20. Spiced carrot raisin bread

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