Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

Lists below are foods diabetics should avoid. You may really like to eat some of food below but if you’re diabetics – it’s very necessary or a must that you have to avoid to eat it/them…




Sausage gravy and Biscuits

Gravy and biscuits are high in saturated fat, sodium and calories.


Battered fish- fish is good for managing diabetes, but it all depends on how it has been prepared. A breaded-fish meal with sides like coleslaw, hush puppies and fries is not recommended for diabetics.


Fruit juice beverages- they are very worst foods for diabetics, as they are high in calories and sugar.


Deep-fried Chinese Entrees


Restaurant French fries- they have much sodium, calories and saturated fats.


Purchased cookies- they may contain fats. Just bake them at home.


Fried chicken- they have much calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates, and hence diabetics should avoid them.


Purchased pie- one slice of this can contain 46 grams of fat, 52 grams of carbohydrates and 650 grams of calories.


Purchased smoothies- they contain added sugar.


Processed meat- it has about 650 milligrams of sodium in one serving.


Restaurant Hamburgers- they raise the cholesterol level in the body, since they are rich in saturated fat.


Baked goods- baked goods which are commercially made should be avoided as they are high in calorie, fat and sugar contents.


Frozen meals- they have a high fat and sodium content, hence they should be avoided.


Soft drinks- soda with sugar can affect your healthy by raising blood sugar. Beverages high in sugar also lead to weight gain.


Purchased cakes- cakes which are baked commercially contain fats which lead to raised cholesterol in the body, and this leads to high risk of getting cardiovascular disease.


Flavored water- it has sugar in it.


Frozen pizza- commercially made pizzas are rich in calories, thus not recommended for diabetics.


Milk shakes- those from both sit-down and fast-food restaurants are high in calories and sugar, and they could also contain some fats which are bad for your heart.


Nachos- most of you take them as an appetizer. They are very rich in fats, carbohydrates and calories, hence diabetics should avoid them.

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