How to Prevent Diabetes

Now we heard about diabetes so frequently and feel it’s a normally disease, but if it is untreated or prevent – it can be very dangerous. And we can say that for diabetes genetics loads the gun but environment pulls the trigger. So we can prevent diabetes by changing our way of living.




There are two simple things you can do to decrease the risk of diabetes: healthier diet and exercise.


You can start by cutting your portion sizes, by going on a walk, eat more fruit and vegetables­. The key is to make small changes, simple changes, but make them permanent.


Some food we should eat to prevent diabetes or make our life with diabetes easier are :

– blueberries ( improves glucose control and improves insulin sensitivity )

– cranberries ( protect against heart diseases that are common in diabetes )

– apples ( stimulates pancreas , decreases risk of hart disease )

– Watermelon ( improves insuline sensitivity )

– raspberries , red grapefruit ( lowers LDL cholesterol, lowers tryglycerides )

– tomatoes ( keep blood sugar levels under control )

– asparagus ( regulates blood sugar levels )

– carrots ( may help reduce insulin resisstance )

– broccoli ( improve wound healing )

– red onion ( may improve blood sugar balance )

– spinach, fish, soy ( lovers risk of diabetes )

– flaxseed ( may provide protection against Type 2 diabetes )


These foods need to be included into our nutrition. And it is very important to exercise, even 5 minutes walking a day can help prevent diabetes.

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