Is There a Cure for Diabetes?

Unfortunately there is no cure for diabetes. It is a chronical and very dangerous disease. But even there is no cure it is possible to reverse symptoms of diabetes. The most important thing is to diagnose diabetes in time, so you can start taking therapy. We can also prevent diabetes by living a healthier life, that means eating healthy diet and exercise.



Today we are living in a world of fast food and cars, and that leads to unhealthy diet and little movement. We have to change ourselves. People with diabetes can not cure themselves but they can live with diabetes.


People with diabetes Type 1 need to take insulin shots right from the beginning, but the ones with diabetes Type 2 sometimes can just change their habits, exercise aand eat healthier diet and they can reduce their blood sugar levels., but most of the time they need to take some medicins and unfortunately insulin shoots.


This epidemic of diabetes disease in the world should show us that this way of living is not healthy, and that the consequences are bigger than we think and that for those consequences like diabetes there is no cure, it only exists prevention.

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