Natural Remedies For Diabetes

Some people believe that whatever that they are by their doctor is the final truth, and nothing more. However, natural treatment is the most successful diabetes treatment plan. The following are natural ways of treating diabetes :




1) Diet - diabetics should make sure that they have a carbohydrate near them.They should eat this whenever their blood glucose gets low. Diabetics should also adhere to their diet as recommended by their doctor.


2) Herbs – some herbs have very good anti-diabetes substances. The following herbs have been found to cure diabetes :

American Ginseng – it lowers the blood glucose level, and mostly after a drink rich in glucose. It is good for patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Basil – Its seed and the leaf helps Type 2 diabetes patients to control their blood glucose.

Bitter Melon – good for lowering blood glues for patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Other herbs good for treatment of diabetes include Biotin, Bilberry, Asian Ginseng and Aloe.


Studies have shown that these herbs have an effect of improved blood glucose control. Many people with diabetes use them as a way to naturally manage their condition. However, studies have also show that use of these herbs could lead to the blood glucose level going down up to dangerous levels. This can lead to diabetes complications, so these herbs should be used with a lot of care by discussing with your doctor.


3) Exercise – exercise is an important thing in the treatment of diabetes. It helps in burning extra fat in our body, lowering of blood pressure, improving blood circulation, helping our body to use insulin properly, strengthening of our bones and muscles, reducing risk of stroke and heart disease and relieving us of stress. Make sure that you drink water before, during and after any exercise. Lack of physical exercise increases the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Living a healthy lifestyle is thus a key in management of diabetes.


4) Use of clinical therapies that use infrared light and oxygen.

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