Pre Diabetes Treatment

Before people get Type 2 diabetes, they have pre diabetes in most cases. Thus people with pre diabetes should do what is expected of them to prevent getting Type 2 diabetes. To prevent this, they can carry out regular exercises and change their diet. If you have pre diabetes and you are overweight, consider losing your weight to avoid getting Type 2 diabetes.




Pre Diabetes Treatment

Metformin, which is a Type 2 diabetes drug is good for people with pre diabetes, as it prevents them from getting Type 2 diabetes by 31%.

Sleeping well is good for people with pre diabetes. People who do not sleep well find it hard for them to reduce weight. It also makes the body to be unable to use insulin properly. Practicing good sleeping habits will help people with pre diabetes to avoid Type 2 diabetes.

Exercise – Carrying out exercises for 30 minutes a day prevents people with pre diabetes from getting Type 2 diabetes by 58%. This will lead to your body utilizing insulin properly and to process glucose efficiently.

Diet – healthy eating can reduce the risk of developing diabetes for people who are pre diabetic. Eat a balance diet, and avoid saturated fats, calories and sugary foods such as sweets. Eat fruits and vegetables which are less in starch, such as carrots and green beans. Reduce the amount of calories that you take.

Weight – overweight is much associated with people who have pre diabetes. Try to lose your weight so as avoid getting Type 2 diabetes. Losing weight reduces the body’s resistance to insulin.

Get support – join a group of people who can help you live a healthy lifestyle or altogether want to live a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, losing weight and exercises will only work if you have people to encourage and cheer you up.

Quit smoking – if you have pre diabetes and you smoke, quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

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