Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes is a state where the level of glucose in blood is higher than normal , but not so high to cause diabetes . Those who have pre- diabetes do not process sugar properly . If this problem exists than it is very likely that it will cause diabetes after some time. We may be pre- diabetic and not even know it , there are often no symptoms or the symptoms are not often recognised.




Even the symptoms are often not there I will list some of the main risk factor for pre – diabetes. If you have somebody in your family that has diabetes you should go on examinations more often. People who have pre-diabetes can have certain skin disorders, which are manifested in the form of thick, dark layers on the skin.

Main risk factors for diabetes are :

  • When you are over age 45
  • Non- Caucasian
  • Metabolic syndrome :
    • Excess weight
    • High blood presure
    • Low HDL
    • High triglycerides
    • Impaired Glucose Tolerance
    • Inactivity
    • Family history of diabetes
    • Polycystic Ovarian syndrome
    • Personal history of gestational diabetes
    • Acanthosis Nigricans


The exact cause of pre- diabetes is not known. The hardest thing about pre diabetes is that there is sometimes no symptoms. But I will note some of the symptoms that may be in connection to pre diabetes like :

  • It is harder for you to lose weight
  • You may have more sugar cravings
  • You are fatigue
  • You are gaining more weight in your abdomen .


The best way to prevent pre- diabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes is to change diet and exercise more, eat healthy food , lose excess pounds, take medications ( if needed ) . By eating healthy food it means eat less carbohydrates and more proteins, more vegetables, fruit and healthy fats.

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