Signs of Diabetes In Women and Diabetes Symptoms In Women

Women have common symptoms like urination, weight loss, excessive thirst and tiredness but they also experience some symptoms in addition to this, those symptoms are :

  • Increased infection
  • Cardiovascular risk : Female diabetics have an increased possibility of experiencing cardiovascular disease than male diabetics .
  • Poor circulation – especially to extremities
  • Loss of genital lubrication
  • Difficulty healing- while men experience this symptom as well , it is more prevalent in female diabetics.



Diabetes is more harmful for women. If diabetes in women is not treated they often get heart diseases, and it is more likely that women with diabetes suffer polycystic ovary syndrome. Women with diabetes suffer from a loss of estrogen . Another of the early signs of diabetes in woman is polydipsia which is indicated by continuous thirst, and polyphagia , this is indicated by continuous hunger.

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