Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy Important Information

In all cases of diabetic neuropathy treatment, absolute cure is unrealistic. The reason is that this disease has no cure because it involves damage of the nerves. The treatment aims at lowering the disease progress, relieving pain and finally treating its complications. Therefore, there is only symptomatic management of the disease in addition to prevention of complications.



Treatment for Lowering the Disease Progress

It is important to lower the disease progress. In order to achieve that, health care workers in collaboration with the diabetic patients should focus on maintaining the blood glucose levels within normal levels. All diabetic patients should have blood sugar measuring devices within their homes. There are many blood sugar level testing kits that a patient can use in the absence of a health care professional.

Normally, the glucose level in the blood should be from 3 to around 15 mmol/L when fasting. Any deviation out of the range should be an indicator to seek medical intervention. On the same line, doctors can train the patients to master the normal glucose ranges. For instance, one’s blood sugars should be around eight mmol/L during bed time, slightly less than 10 an hour after meals and 3 – 7 before having a meal. Once the patients know this, it can be simple to detect a problem on their own while at home concerning the blood sugar levels.



Other than monitoring the sugar levels, there are several steps, which are important in the control of the very blood sugars.

First is by the use of insulin. Insulin injections can be important in diabetic patients specifically when the blood sugars are beyond the high limit. The intervention reduces the sugars back to normal ranges.

Secondly, eating a healthy diet that is well designed by both the patient and the nutritionist can help maintain normal levels of blood sugars.

Third is by controlling the blood pressure, something that doesn’t only complicate diabetes, but also cause a heart disease.

Fourthly, having regular physical exercises can help in the consumption of calories for energy production in addition to preventing obesity.

Since the body uses many calories during exercise, most sugars are used to generate the energy thus aiding in the reduction of blood sugar within the normal limits.


Pain Relief

Pain, among patients who suffer from diabetes, is not uncommon. They need pain relieving medications in order to soothe them to comfort. The commonly used drugs are antidepressants like imipramine, amitriptyline and desipramine among several others.

Anti-seizure drugs like gabapentin and carbamazepine are vital in the in pain relief. On the same line, opioid analgesics are important for soothing the body against pain. An example of such drugs is tramadol. Topical lidocaine as an analgesic is essential in relieving localized pain. It is important for all patients suffering from diabetes to note that all these drugs have side effects. Therefore, only the professional health care providers are recommended to prescribe and offer advice.


Treatment of Complications.

When the disease progresses, complications can arise. Each complication should be treated accordingly. Some of them include:

Digestive system problems. They are like Gastroparesis, a condition that needs eating a diet with fewer fats and fiber and ensuring that the meals are small, but frequent in order to alleviate it. Other complications are constipation, diarrhea, and nausea. All can get treated with medications from a health care facility. For example, lactulose prescription can be enough to treat constipation.

Renal problems. Most of the problems that affect the renal system are infections and nerve impairments among others. In order to treat, such, specific medications can be vital. For example, appropriate antibiotic regimen can be prescribed by a doctor to combat the very infections. Regarding nerve problems, anticholinergic drugs can be used together with other forms of therapy.

Sexual problems. These problems are psychologically devastating for almost all people. However, there are drugs like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil among many others that can be important in restoring sexual function. Women can use vaginal lubricants for this complication.

In summary, diabetes is a deadly disease, which can complicate to diabetic neuropathy. This disease complication has no any curative drug or measure. Therefore, it’s a terminal disease of which treatment aims at improving the quality and length of life of such patients.

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