Type 1 Diabetes Causes and Type 2 Diabetes Causes

In diabetes our body is unable to maintain homeostasis of blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a chronical disease. There are two main types of diabetes : type 1 and type 2 .




Type 1 Diabetes Causes


The beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system and so no insuline is produced. After you eat foods that contains carbohydrates chemicals in your small intestine break them down into single sugar molecules called glucose. That glucose then moves into the bloodstream.

Normally the body will produce insulin to let that glucose into the cells but in type 1 diabetes there is no insulin beeing produced, so the glucose can not get into the body cells at all, so the level of glucose in blood rises and rises. This state is called hyperglicemia and it is a first sign of diabetes.



Type 2 Diabetes Causes


In type 2 diabetes the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or your cells do not response to the insulin in the way they should. In this type of diabtes the carbohydrates from food is broken down into glucose. That glucose then moves into the bloodstream.

The pancreas starts to produce insulin which moves with the glucose trough the bloodstream to all the body cells which need glucose for energy. But insulin can not open the cell doors properly because to much of fat deposits, so the level of glucose continues to rise, and the result is again hyperglycemia.


The processes in our body are cause of diabetes, but the reason why they are happening is not known.

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