Warning Signs of Diabetes

First, there are something you shiuld know about Pre-diabetes – it is a condition of having higher glucose levels in blood than the normal, but in this stage, you aren’t having diabetes yet, just playing in the boundary of being a diabetic or maybe not if you take care youself well from now.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided the info that there are only a less number of these people (about 7 %) are aware of their dangerous condition.



Understand the early signs & symptoms that lead to diabetes can have a great impact of how your health will turn out to be.  Below is a useful list compiled by Health.  These are just some of the silent indicators that you might be on your way to diabetes.

Check out your bathroom at night.

This is because you will be visiting your bathroom more often.  If your blood sugar levels have already gone up, then you will urinate more frequently.  You might be peeing around 3 to 4 times a night.  Aside from being a symptom for diabetes, this could also mean that you have some prostate problems.


Your skin will not look clean.

If your skin has some darker patches, especially on the back of your neck, then this might mean that you have acanthosis nigricans.  This condition usually happens when someone has pre-diabetes.  These darker patches can also be on the knees and elbows.  Have your glucose checked and regulated, then these dark patches will go away.


You will find it more difficult to read.

If you see something with clouded or blurred, then it might be because your retina is affected by a medical condition called diabetic retinopathy.  Before, only those with Diabetes Type 2 can develop this condition, now anybody who has pre-diabetes can develop this condition.  Aside from having your eyes checked, please have your glucose checked too.

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