How Can I Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Permanently?

How Can I Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Permanently? Secret Method Revealed

In this article we’re tackling diabetes one more time, this time we’ve actually reversed it, how did you reverse it? I’m gonna tell you everything.

We need to let people know that this isn’t a progressive disease that gets worse over time, this is something that we can reverse and I’ve done it and I’m gonna tell you how.

I reversed my diabetes and what does that mean reversed? well reversal means that my blood glucose levels are below the pre-diabetic range which means when I did my hba1c which is a three month glucose evaluation of your blood I got 5.3.

So it went from 7.2 in my last test and then three months later I did one more test when I got 5.3 which I then said this can’t be right.

So I got a second opinion at another hospital and I got 5.2 so that you can’t have the wrong readings from two separate hospitals so that means it’s reversed now what is what does that mean?

It means I can go now and drink coca-cola. I’m still monitoring my blood glucose levels I’m still checking every couple of days to make sure that I’m not doing anything stupid.

How Can I Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Permanently? Here Is How To Make a start

Just so you know there are days that I used to have when it goes to 180 then it goes right back down after that.

Maybe that’s normal, I don’t know because I’ve never really tested it before diabetes to know if that’s high. I think it’s kind of on the high side but that’s after like Donuts and Pepsi and stuff.

I would assume that that would really make my blood glucose levels go pretty high. Now actually let’s take a step back, how did I reverse it?

There’s something called intermittent fasting an inter intermittent fasting basically means that you’re eating for eight hours in a day and sixteen hours you’re fasting and that fasting has to be straight from let’s say 6 p.m. until what is about eleven or twelve the next day.

It sounds hard kind of, but I mean at the end when you reduce your glucose levels down to a below below pre-diabetic range that I guess it’s worth it.

If you want to I mean, some people are happy with their diabetes and some people are happy with their pre-diabetes, some people are happy being overweight some people are happy with that.

how can I reverse Type 2 diabetes permanently?

Some people are happy taking their medications every morning and and they feel that they can eat whatever they need to as long as they watch out.

Don’t eat too many carbs, but I don’t want to take medicine honestly I don’t want to take any prescription drugs because I don’t know what the long-term side effects might be.

I don’t know how long I’m gonna have to stay on this and from research that I’ve done I can stay on this for the rest of my life and that’s something that I don’t want to do.

I don’t be dependent on anything so how did this start? how can I how can I break this down to you. I mean I have in my hand here my test I don’t even see it because I know it says.

Since we’re here that’s what it is 5.3 and what it was before 7.2 my first test. If you guys follow these tips you guys can reverse your type 2 diabetes as well.

How Can I Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Permanently? So How Do You Do It?

So how did I do it? what did I eat? how long does it take? what does reversal mean? you probably have a lot of questions right? so number one when you’re eating your breakfast you have to make sure that you have no bread.

I’ve literally removed bread from my diet completely, I have the occasional sub maybe once a week maybe once every two weeks. I like brown bread, brown bread is a little bit better than the white bread but bread, just forget about bread because bread it’s the diabetes maker.

how can I reverse Type 2 diabetes permanently?

if you have bread it’s really gonna make it spike and then you’re gonna have to wait a couple days until it stabilizes because in my current state of reversal I guess my pancreas isn’t as strong and my liver isn’t as strong as it used to be.

So if I have like bread, sugar, Pepsi, donuts, whatever you know it’ll go up and it’ll take a couple of days to stabilize again. I guess I have an excess of glucose in my liver and my body and it takes a while for it to, you know, bring it back down to normal levels.

So back to the breakfast, what I do is I have two or three scrambled eggs depending on how hungry I am, I’ll cut an avocado in half and I’ll put some olive oil and some lemon and some Himalayan salt, the salt I mean it’s for flavor.

Himalayan salt is actually a better choice but I you know it’s my preferred choice, you can use sea salt, just try to not use bad quality products.

So half an avocado two or three scrambled eggs, another thing is fats, fats are really good for you because the carbs that you eat that turned into glucose aren’t easy for the body to process.

how can I reverse Type 2 diabetes permanently?

So instead we eat fat because fat our body understands is a nutritional requirement right, our body needs fat so when you eat fat your body is able to understand okay.

This is energy, I’m gonna use this, I’m gonna burn this thank you very much, so with the avocado which is basically fat and the olive oil which is basically fat and the eggs which is hardly any carbs it’s mostly proteins and vitamins.

I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s not carb well a little bit of carb but it’s really good for you and you can also have some some fiber and fiber is also good for you.

Have a cucumber slice it put some salt and olive oil on it if you want flavor. It’s also good for you as well for lunch, I will have some chicken breast sliced with some broccoli or some cauliflower.

I have some veg, mostly veg, a little bit of meat and what that does is again feed you low carb and an high protein high fiber.

It’s an excellent choice for dinner, this is when it gets tricky because I can either have beans or I can have breakfast again but the thing is I like eggs and avocado so I can easily eat that twice a day without any issues.

It has nothing to do with cholesterol, it has nothing to do with cholesterol levels rising, so from what the doctor told me cholesterol levels go up around 30% from what you ingest and the other 60 66% from what your body naturally creates.

Because we create cholesterol. So when I checked after three months my cholesterol levels of eating that much eggs, my cholesterol levels were normal.

They were like slightly elevated but after eating eggs twice a day for six months nothing happened at least not for me, anyway you could be susceptible to eggs.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not telling you exactly what you need to do, this is what happened and this is how I reversed it. As a medical disclaimer I am saying this is not a cure for diabetes, this is how I reversed mine.

So back again for dinner, dinner was either beans like fava beans or some kidney beans,just mix it up, mix it up with your favorite spices put some olive oil on it you know you can make it really tasty, put some onions, tomatoes, parsley, yeah it’s actually really tasty and really good for you as well.

how can I reverse Type 2 diabetes permanently?

Again you can have the breakfast twice or you can actually just have something a bit lighter like two cups of popcorn buttered or just a light snack like nuts, cashews or almonds are really good, just so that you’re not having carbs, like I said bread is not going to work for you in this stage.

I’ve slowly started incorporating some bread into my diet and every couple of days I’ll have a couple pieces or something like that, and I’ll see my blood levels and my blood glucose levels rise a little bit and then it goes right back down, but interestingly enough it took around six months for this to happen.

My blood sugar levels were around 1:30 in the morning I have something called the dawn phenomenon where my body’s producing glucose around four o’clock in the morning and then when I wake up you know it does that for a reason because it needs to give me the energy.

I need to get up and start my day, whereas I guess my pancreas isn’t producing enough insulin and so what happens to that surge of glucose into the body?

I’m not able to you know pass it around or to absorb it as well as I should, maybe there’s not enough, but I don’t get to nullify or reduce the glucose levels as well as someone who doesn’t have diabetes.

So this dawn phenomenon raises my blood sugar in the morning and i’m around 1:30 1:32 1:28 every morning for the past six months.

I kept doing this diet thinking that okay, this is my life, this is what I’m eating and this is what I’m used to. Then a few days ago I started getting really hungry in the morning, I don’t know why, I don’t know what happened.

I just started getting hungry, maybe you guys would probably understand or gone through the same thing, you just get really hungry in the morning and you’re like holy crap I’m really hungry.

Then you just randomly do a test and you get like 115 or a hundred in the morning you’re like wow what’s going on.

Obviously I don’t know what it was that reversed the diabetes or that what brought it down in the morning and then equalized it throughout the day.

I believe it was from reducing the carbs over the past six months, my liver and my pancreas have strengthened, maybe because obviously I didn’t test it, I can’t test I really don’t know how to test it.

I guess you could test your insulin levels to so you know how high they are and how low they are but I didn’t do that test. Maybe I should but it just started getting lower in the morning and I didn’t really take anything different than what I was doing.

That’s the food aspect of it, another aspect are the foods that kind of assist the pancreas in creating more insulin.

One such food is turmeric, if you can get organic ground turmeric throw it in all of your food. Organic cinnamon powder is something else that I throw in every hot drink tea or coffee, I just throw in ground organic cinnamon, it actually tastes pretty good.

Bitter gourd is a vegetable, it’s kind of like a cucumber but it’s really bumpy, it supposedly helps in the body normalizing glucose levels.

I see a lot of videos online of doctors are saying it’s possible to reverse your diabetes and we’ve done it in the lab and people are back off their medication and they’re waking up in the morning with normal blood glucose levels.

I can say that beyond a reasonable doubt I have reversed my diabetes it’s not cured, I’m not even sure if cure is the right word because it can come back.

I’m predisposed genetically to it, my father has diabetes and all of his brothers have it as well and so when I got it I was like noo this isn’t gonna happen to me, so I did everything I could to find out how to reverse it and so I have now reversed it.

when I started this journey there was a doctor dr. Fung.

I think he’s from Toronto and he was spreading the word about intermittent fasting and how it helps diabetics and how can overweight.

People who have like gastric bypass surgery were completely removed or their diabetes after having this operation it’s instantly reversed and cured.

Why does that happen? it has to do with food obviously, it’s a food overage disease, it’s not really a disease I don’t know if it’s actually a disease they say it’s a disease but I mean you can control it with food, so let’s call it a disease.

In the morning one other ingredient that I added to the mix was apple cider vinegar, it also helps in the body slowing down the digestive system and slowing down the absorption of glucose from food.

It’s an easy method of reducing the blood glucose counts after food by a few points, so I usually take one tablespoon earlier in the day I used this one.

If you remember originally I had a blood glucose kind of like 400, I don’t have the apple cider vinegar in the morning anymore, I’m controlling it with food but for those who are at a level or who though for those who want to get off their medication as quickly as possible I would suggest having some apple cider vinegar organic raw or apple cider vinegar.

Get it in a glass container or glass jar because it’s better for you less less chemicals that’s organic, and it’s just good for you all around, but it’s specifically for diabetics, because it helps slow down metabolizing the glucose.

how can I reverse Type 2 diabetes permanently?

So to be blunt I just want to tell you that my diabetes is reversed and that doesn’t mean that I can go and eat anything that I want, anytime that I want, what that means is I still need to be careful once I see my blood sugars every morning at let’s say ninety a hundred without without doing anything.

Without worrying, then it’s a cure, but what I found is when I have cheat days or bad days then I see it rise a little bit. I feel like my pancreas my liver they’re still not as strong as they should be and I’m gonna be 45 this August and so I think maybe the age has something to do with it.

I’ve lost some weight which is good, I mean you should be losing weight aiming to be at an optimal weight if you’re planning on reversing the diabetes.

As I said those who had that gastric bypass surgery and they lose all that weight their diabetes is instantly reversed so I mean weight plays a large role in diabetes and in reversing it.

So there you have it guys, I know this is a long article, but I just I had to spread the word because it’s so important for those who are suffering and taking medications and pricking their fingers that you know and stop wondering about if you can eat this or I can’t eat that.

Well I’m here to tell you that after around 6 months of taking care of yourself because remember diabetes is something that took maybe 5-10 years and progressively turned it into diabetes after all that time.

So you have to think in order to reverse that it’s gonna take time as well.

I would let me say one more thing, when I went to the doctor and he told me oh we need to get you on meds right away because you know you have diabetes, that you need to be taking meds to control it and so then I said okay let me hear him out.

He was telling me that you know over time you’ll progressively start to take more meds and it’s you that can keep it under control.

Don’t eat carbs and blah blah and then I started telling him my story and what I’ve been doing and the doctor was shocked. and he was like wow, that’s so amazing, he’s asking me how did you do it? I’ve never seen anyone really do this before, how did you do it?

So I explained exactly how I explained it to you, he’s like Wow, so let me do this test, let me test your thyroid, let me test everything.

Wen I did all the tests all the blood work came in and he didn’t even call me back because all of the blood work came out negative nothing was wrong 5.3 huh right and he’s like 5.3 how do you get 5.3?

I said I did two tests because I couldn’t believe it had worked so well, how do you go from 7.2 to 5.3? I could see his mouth water while he’s telling me, “you’re gonna need to take meds, let me see the results when they get back.

Well when they got back he really didn’t have too much to say actually he didn’t have anything to say.

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