Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? – Is It Curable?

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? There are some disagreements in the medical community. About whether type 2 diabetes is a disease of the diet, or a disease of genes or a disease of lifestyle.

And besides, what if it is curable or not curable? So I want to talk for a few minutes today and give you some information about the things that I have discovered in the last decade, when I have been doing this daily.

Type 2 diabetes is a devastating condition. People who suffer from that, perhaps you have a family member, who lost a leg, who is on dialysis who is blind, who lost toes.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

It is something that can really destroy your life. It is a huge factor of heart attack and stroke and dementia, It’s something you don’t want to even get close to.

However, just like America and the rest of the Western world, it gets fatter, type 2 diabetes becomes quite, quite common.

In the past when I was training in medical school it was almost something I didn’t hear, that a child had type 2 diabetes.

It was called the beginning of diabetes, at that time because no child had it.
It is now quite common, even more common than it should be for a child who has type 2 diabetes. The medical community should be ashamed that there is something known as juvenile diabetes. Should not exist.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? – Is It Curable Or Not?

So, let’s talk about this and if is it possible to cure it or not? We can do better, definitely, but I think we can cure it.

So first of all, let’s talk about the difference between type 2 and type 1 diabetes. Very quickly.

Your pancreas produces insulin and if your pancreas stops producing insulin for any variety of reasons you have type 1 diabetes. You need insulin or you die.
Type 2 diabetes is a completely different topic. Type 2 diabetes really shouldn’t be called diabetes.

It should be called something else because insulin is not the solution for diabetes 2 as it is for type 1 diabetes Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in someone who previously had normal sugar levels and normal insulin levels and normal A1C hemoglobin levels.

And now it has high levels. This is a terrible thing. If your doctor said “oh, your hemoglobin A1C is at a little higher.

I want you to do this and this and we’ll check again in 6 months.” I do not want you to think, ” Insulin resistant In the past we acted like this “ah, that’s not terrible, you know, it could be worse.” But, I want you to understand that if today your Hemoglobin A1C is 5.7 or higher.

You are at a very high risk of getting a heart attack, stroke, dementia, loss of limb blindness, dialysis, terrible, terrible things.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

I want you to take that number very seriously and if your doctor, if you have had high blood pressure, or if you have had other risk factors for heart problems or heart attack, and your doctor does not tell you what level of Hemoglobin A1C, I want you to ask, because if he didn’t check it out, that is a problem.

You probably need to talk, and you need to train your doctor or you need to find a new doctor. But if he tells you, “ah it’s at 5.8, it’s not that bad, we’re just going to keep it checked. “No. No. No.

I want you to go to the Internet start searching on Google, start asking other people, other doctors” My Hemoglobin is at 5.9 or 6.2, and my doctor says no It is something alarming.

Is it alarming or not? It is. That puts you at a very high risk of all those medical things you don’t want to have. Trust me. So, if your Hemoglobin A1C is at 6.5 or more then you are type 2 diabetic.

Maybe, Now, how does your doctor not know that you suddenly become a type 1 diabetic? Well, there are some tests that can be done. You can check the level of peptide C or your insulin level.

Based on those two lab tests, it can tell you whether you produce insulin or not, because if you still make insulin you are not a type 1 diabetic you don’t need insulin. Never, and we will get to that, but if you are type 2 diabetic, insulin is not the answer to that.

In agreement? We will get your answer. But if your doctor says “ah, you are type 2 diabetic and you are going to start taking insulin …” you need to worry about that and talk and say “wait a minute, isn’t it supposed that I still do insulin?” and if he tells you, “Well, I don’t know, whether you produce it or not,”

Then he needs to check your C-peptide level or your insulin level. and know 100% because there are adults who become type 1 diabetics, their pancreas stops producing insulin and if that is you, you need to know because there is no pill in the world that will repair your diabetes.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Even your diet cannot repair it if you stop producing insulin, you need to know the answer to that. If your doctor does not know if you have stopped producing insulin or not, that is a problem.

You need to know the answer to that question. Say you did check your Peptide C and your insulin level. You are producing insulin, you have only become “resistant” to it. What you gonna do?

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? – Do You Need To Take Medication?

Well, well there are a lot of type 2 paradiabete pills and it will surely make you start taking some and for a while. That’s fine but, listen to me. I want you to consider that pill as if it were a “band-aid” until you repair the true damage deeply, yourself.

Because type 2 diabetes is a diet disease. In agreement? Thin people who eat Paleo diets, you know in their countries, you know, they never have type 2 diabetes, it’s exclusively, and you know, we call it a “lifestyle” disease.

But, that is not true, because you can exercise, you can live on the treadmill, and if you do not change your diet, you will never be cured of type 2 diabetes so that is the first thing I want you to understand, that the solution is your Diet you have to repair your diet.

In agreement? Now, let’s talk about that. Is it the fat that is making you type 2 diabetic? Is it protein? What is it? 90% of the time are starches and sugars. In agreement? So, if you are diabetic, it is not nice that you are taking two or three cocas a day or sodas.

In the south, I told you, we call them cocas, but carbonated drinks. It’s not a joke, it’s not funny you’re doing irreversible damage that you can’t repair if you’re drinking tea with sugar.

If you are putting sugar in your coffee if you are drinking fruit juices I do not care if they are organic fruit juices, I do not care if they are juice without sugar.

You are making your diabetes worse. You’re literally giving yourself diabetes for taking those things. For that immediately. Someone with hemoglobin A1C at 5.7 or higher never needs to never take a calorie.

If it’s an occasional taste, it’s fine. But not everyday. You don’t need to be taking any calories. If you are taking calories, your diabetes is getting worse. In agreement? There are essential amino acids that you need to have. You must consume them.

They are building blocks of proteins or you die. You have to consume them. There are essential fatty acids, which you need to consume. Or you die. There is no such thing as an essential sugar.

There is nothing known as an essential carbohydrate, nor an essential starch. You never need them in your diet. Never.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

Large corporations can do any amount of things with grains, grasses, starches and sugars, so they will pay any large association all the big medical associations to say “Oh, you need you need to consume your whole grains, you need grains, you need your …All this.

” No. No, you need none of that your body will in fact get better and it will get healthier and it will be full of life by not eating any of those things, okay?

You have to understand that type 2 diabetes is a disease of your diet which implies that your diet caused it. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can use your diet to cure it. Yes. Heal her.

Likewise, I firmly believe it and many more doctors today are believing this, too. William Davis A very prominent cardiologist believes that you can cure type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Jason Fung, a very prominent kidney specialist nephrologist, believes that you can cure your type 2 diabetes. I believe it, too. And I want you to believe it too.

I want you to investigate this And I want you to cure your type 2 diabetes and prevent it from ever giving you, to begin with. Now … do you need to lose weight, to cure your type 2 diabetes? Indirectly, yes.

When you stop eating starches, grains, grasses and all sugars, you will lose weight, and that will lower your blood sugar naturally. What will naturally lower the level of insulin you need and that will cause you to lose weight naturally.

And it may be slower than you would like, and if you want to see your doctor and think he can help you speed up the process. It is acceptable. But, I want you to understand that the reason you are overweight, if you have it, is because of your diet.

Now, if your doctor has checked your thyroid exams, and your other exams and we know there is no other reason why you are overweight. It is your diet. And you can, play games and pretend that you never eat anything, or that you only eat raw cabbage on Tuesdays I’m sorry.

If you are overweight and your exams are normal. It is your diet. Sorry. In agreement? So by changing your diet, it can make up your diabetes. We talk about this cure and people say “Well … you can’t cure it, What you can do is lower the A1C level low enough to say that it is controlled.

But, if your A1C is below 6.4 then, you are not diabetic. Because that’s the definition of diabetic, right? Well, I want you to lower your A1C below 5.7, so you will no longer be pre-diabetic is completely in your hands.

Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible?

You can do that, you can listen to this video today, you can search Google and investigate and you can cure your type 2 diabetes. And you don’t even need a doctor to help you do it.

I would prefer you to have a doctor because you need someone to do these exams. to make sure you have not become a type 1 diabetic but after that, you can do it alone.

You don’t need me You don’t need your doctor, you don’t need anyone. You can do it yourself with enough knowledge. In agreement? What do the medicines cut down? Don’t they cure type 2 diabetes? All those pills, none of them do not cure such a condition.

All they do is lower your sugar even more and more and more, studies show that sugar being raised in your blood is just a symptom of diabetes. That is not really diabetes. In agreement? It’s like if you had the flu.

That would make your temperature go up, right? So, if you took Tylenol and your temperature dropped, did you cure the flu, with your Tylenol? No I dont think so. Did you make your flu better?

No, All you did was lower the temperature. Lower your fever That is all you did. And that is what diabetes pills 2 do. They lower blood sugar. But many doctors and a few great studies have shown that even if you take your pills and keep your blood sugar low, you are still hurting behind the curtain.

Do not lower your risk of mortality, or your disease at all by taking your pills and keeping your blood sugar low. You have to repair this condition this disease, with your diet. In agreement? How was the exercise?

The exercise is great, and if you do resistance training, and build muscle, that will probably help you keep your blood sugar low. Will your diabetes cure? Probably not.

Exercise is good for you, it is good for your brain, for your body in hundreds of ways but exercise will never help you lose weight and probably won’t help you cure your diabetes either. In agreement?

The number 1 way you will cure your diabetes is by changing your diet with either a ketogenic diet to start and then gradually a Paleo diet some people may continue to do the ketogenic diet forever but if you are eating starches, sugars and carbohydrates carbohydrates Simple, you will never cure your diabetes, okay?

If you’re going to see a nutritionist, and he or she doesn’t know, they’ll tell you “hey, you’re diabetic, you need to eat more whole grains.” If your doctor or your nutritionist tells you that you need to eat more whole grains as a diabetic.

You need … go check advice on the other hand. In agreement? Well, I want to leave you with a couple of books that you can read for yourself. And if you read them, you’ll be smarter than any average nutritionist, when it comes to type 2 diabetes.

I’m sorry! Doctors and nutritionists. The truth is the truth. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t change it. The first one is called “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung He is a prominent nephrologist or kidney specialist he is on top of this.

You read this book, and you will understand and never be deceived again The second one is called “Keto Clarity” [Keto Clarity “] by Jimmy Moore he is just a man who was obese and diabetic and says” You know what? I’m already tired of this! I’m going to change it.

He did so many studies for Own account changed their obesity, changed their diabetes and is now helping other people to do the same.The third book is called “The Paleo Diet” by Cordain.

I love this book. It was one of the first books that woke me up and made me gain interest in this kind of thing. I highly recommend all these 3 books to help you cure your type 2 diabetes and in the process you will also lose weight, lower your risk factors, lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia, kidney failure, all these things.

In agreement? There are so many of my patients who are out there with their hemoglobin A1C 5.7, .8, .9, and other doctors told them “oh, okay, we’re just going to keep it there.” But then a few years later, his creatinine level begins to rise and then they say, “Well, I have kidney failures, I don’t understand what’s happening?”

And all doctors act like “I don’t know why they have kidney failure, but just don’t take this, this and this and we will continue to see that A1C. “What do people think? A1C insulin, sugar, that’s what is causing kidney failure.

I have other patients who have elevated A1C and go to see the endocrinologist and say” ah here we go let’s check it, take these pills “And in a couple of years you have fatty liver and everyone says” I don’t know why I have that “,” I don’t know how it happens, just try to limit yourself from eating saturated fats.

” And I, like that … that’s not what causes it. And that will not cure him. You have to compose your fatty liver, you have to compose your renal failure, composing your diet. In agreement? There is no pill that will do that. for you. You have to eat the right things.

And you have to avoid bad things. That’s just to make it short. And if you don’t like that, for this video, get away and pretend you didn’t hear it. But, you heard it. You have been told and warned. And if you ignore my words, you will suffer later.

In agreement? More and more doctors are waking up to this that a somewhat elevated Hemoglobin A1C is not right. Someone with insulin resistance with high insulin or high C peptides.

That is a huge risk. That is not right. In agreement? So, meet your doctor, your nutritionist and ask them these things. Take notes, make notes and tell them, hey! What’s happening here?

Dr. Berry said it is not right that my A1C is in 6.2. Is this ok or not right? And if they get upset that you have brought information that you learned on the Internet you probably need to find a new doctor.

I love it when patients mention something they heard or read on the Internet. When they print things and bring them to me. That means they care about their health. That is something good. Not bad, doctors!

If your patient brings you things and you get irritated by that? You need to look in the mirror and refocus. Because you are trying to help them. Don’t you want their help in helping them? I do.

I like it when patients are motivated and want to help themselves. Please turn on notifications for this video. Subscribe I want to help as many people as possible. And I can only do that if you share this message with other people. Comment below, as usual.

I answer every question you ask. If you want to tag someone in this video and they have any questions, I will answer their questions as well. I love doing this and you can realize maybe.

I want to continue helping people not to infarct them not to spill them, to not need to be on dialysis, I want to help people never to have liver failure because their liver is full of fat because someone said no eat saturated fats and then that … is ridiculous.

Don’t listen to that advice if someone tells you that. Tell me what video you would like to hear for the next video I make. I will be happy to make one. Ask me any questions you have. As always, this is Dr. Berry, doing my best.

If you want to tag someone in this video and they have any questions, I will answer their questions as well. I love doing this and you can realize maybe. I want to continue helping people not to infarct them not to spill them, to not need to be on dialysis.

I want to help people never to have liver failure because their liver is full of fat because someone said no eat saturated fats and then that … is ridiculous. Don’t listen to that advice if someone tells you that.

I want to continue helping people not to infarct them not to spill them, to not need to be on dialysis, I want to help people never to have liver failure because their liver is full of fat because someone said no eat saturated fats and then that … is ridiculous.

Don’t listen to that advice if someone tells you that.

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Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible? – Diabetes Team